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PaladinMDs work with you, your family, and physicians to evaluate all medical information and treatment plans. Our network of experienced medical specialists ensure that you are getting the care you need and deserve. By providing you with the best medical guidance and advocacy;

 We don't just care for you, we care about you.


John Weiss

Vice President of Engineering and Program Management for International Growth Markets, UPS

" I have a second chance at life - an inoperable tumor was successfully removed from my pancreas thanks to (Dr. Richman, Dr. Selby). It all started with a pea-sized cancerous renal mass in my right kidney that my doctors at home in Atlanta monitored for about a year before it was removed. During this time of constant scans and monitoring, the doctors failed to notice a golf ball-sized mass on the head of my pancreas, which I would later learn is pancreatic cancer..."