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  • What is a medical advocate and who would need one?
    Anyone with a medical condition or multiple medical conditions that faces challenges navigating the multitude of complexities managing their own or a family members' healthcare.
  • Are you the same as a concierge doctor?
    No. While we are not providing concierge medical services or care, we are ensuring that your physician/s, concierge or otherwise are providing you with the correct standard of care and that you are well informed about your condition and all available options.
  • But I already have a doctor. Why do I still I need a PaladinMD?
    Yes. You may already have a primary care or concierge physician and or, be working with a combination of primary & specialists. Typically inaccessible to you, this 'team' of caregivers seldom act as a team. You are frustrated because you leave multiple messages at their offices and rarely receive a call back. If you are lucky enough to finally reach one, they have little time to speak and have not been updated by the other regarding the status of your condition. Without effective team communication this leaves You the patient, responsible for constant updates to your physicians. Your PaladinMD will quarterback all aspects of your care plan and ensure that you have the time and information you need to dedicate to recovery.
  • How can you help me if I or a family member is in the hospital?
    When you or your loved one is hospitalized and it is extremely difficult to get information. In most cases you cannot even be sure who is the treating physician, let alone speak with the doctor(s). The COVID-19 pandemic, has made it even more difficult. PaladinMDs will call the hospital and because we are physicians the call is taken immediately. We know who and what to ask regarding patient care. We get answers for you and to you right away.
  • Can PaladinMDs help me if I or a family member have an urgent medical problem?
    If there is a medical emergency please dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital or Urgent Care for immediate attention.
  • Should I reach out to PaladinMDs if I have been exposed or am experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19?
    If you are experiencing life threatening symptoms you should call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. However, if you suspect exposure, are experiencing mild symptoms or would like information on the latest guidelines from the CDC, a PaladinMDs can assist you.
  • What kind of access can PaladinMDs provide?
    If you have ever gone to the emergency room and had to wait hours to be seen or would like to get in to see your doctoror or need the right specialist to go over troublesome test results and cannot get an appointment fast enough? PaladinMD's can help and here's why; Physicians respond to other Physicians inquiries faster and with more detail. Physicians give appointments to patients quicker who are personally referred by another physician. PaladinMDs have access to a global network of proven specialists. Your urgency is our urgency, we will ensure that you get in to see the right doctor comensurate with the urgency of your condition. Physicians can often facilitate priority attention in an emergency room - PaladinMDs can call ahead and alert the ER team that you are coming and minimize your wait.
  • Are PaladinMDs services covered by insurance?
    PaladinMDs services are not covered by insurance. We are not providing “medical services” and a traditional physician-patient relationship does not exist. Not withstanding, all information given or exchanged through PaladinMDs is protected under HIPPA guidelines. We believe while everyone has a right to medical insurance, the fact that we are not goverened by any beaurocracy allows us to be completely objective and focused on you and whats best for your care plan.
  • Can you provide PaladinMDs services to corporations as well as individuals?
    Yes, corporations and their employees can benefit tremendously from our services in several ways; We save your business money by eliminating time loss away from work/family due to inefficient navigation of complex healthcare protocols as they pertain to your corporate coverage. CDC guidance set in the age of COVID-19 will result in increased productivity, greater work-life balance in the family, and avoidance of high risk exposures due to unnecessary medical visits. PaladinMDs can provide preferred pricing and access to hard to get PPE and essential medical equipment required to meet CDC and OSHA guidelines for a safe work environment. By offering employees individual PaladinMDs care you increase productivity, decrease your companies' benefit load while optimizing your overall benefits package. Increase Employee loyalty by offering the PaladinMDs care plan as part of their compensation package.
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