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Doctor, Doctor tell me the TRUTH!

Good Friday morning! I wanted to make an announcement to let everyone know that I have a new newsletter called Doctor, Doctor tell me the TRUTH! It can be found here: . My most recent article is about the relationship of GERD to esophageal cancer.

I encourage everyone to read it as it may just save your life.

With no agenda or loyalty to any hospital system, governmental agency, insurance or pharmaceutical company, my newsletter will enlighten you with the "real deal" about your health, well-being, and the healthcare system in general. I will take the difficult topics in medicine, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol management, cancer, and whatever is in the news that people need and want to know on a daily basis and share the facts based on the best available medical science and sprinkle in my opinion based on my years of experience in the healthcare field.

  • Have you ever had an immediate health concern or received an abnormal test result? The fear and anxiety that ensue make waiting for that follow up appointment or call back from your doctor unbearable.

  • How can you be sure that your current physician is communicating all options for your care while taking specificaccount of the framework of your daily living activities?

  • Today, 30% of all medical services are unnecessary. Doctors do not like to be questioned or held accountable for their diagnoses and decisions. I will give you another opinion: unbiased and objective.

Doctor, Doctor tell me the TRUTH! is your go to place to learn how to unravel the complexity of disease in an easy and understable way. I want you to be able to say after reading my newsletter that you feel like you “have a doctor in the family”.

My Vision

I have always been a fierce medical advocate for my patients, friends, and family in order to ensure that they were always receiving outstanding healthcare. I am determined to continue to hold other physicians accountable for their decisions and treatment plans.​ My vision is of a healthier world in which science and learned wisdom are intertwined to empower people to take responsibilty for their own health.

Why Subscribe?

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. You will not be flooded with SPAM. Free Subcribers will keep up with many of my writings, thoughts, and observations. For a nominal fee, paid subscribers will get extra articles that are behind a paywall or get access to them before anyone else. In addition, you will get access to my full archive and have the opportunity to post comments that I will attempt to personally answer. I will also do my best to take your suggestions for an article and get it done in a timely fashion.

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