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Dr. Michael Richman advocates for smarter, more effective heart health through better lipid management, advanced testing, and the latest, cutting-edge research. You can book a personal phone consultation with Dr. Richman, cardiothoracic surgeon and lipid specialist.

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About Us

With no agenda or loyalty to any hospital system, governmental agency, insurance or  pharmaceutical company, PaladinMDs will objectively spearhead an honest and compassionate plan for your treatment and overall well being. Our loyalty is to you, delivering access, guidance, and advocacy.

PaladinMDs work on your behalf to evaluate all medical information and treatment plans. We will dedicate whatever time it takes to speak with you, your family, and physicians to ensure you are getting the care you need and deserve.

We don't just care for you, we care about you.

How we help


Have you ever had an immediate health concern or received an abnormal test result? The fear and anxiety that ensue make waiting for that follow up appointment or call back from your doctor unbearable.


​A board certified PaladinMD will contact you within three hours of your request.


How can you be sure that your current physician is communicating all options for your care while taking specific account of the framework of your daily living activities? This is about an ongoing relationship with one physician who knows and cares about you. 


 We stay with you throughout your entire medical journey.


Today, 30% of all medical services are unnecessary. Doctors do not like to be questioned or held accountable for their diagnoses and decisions. As patient advocates, we give you another opinion: unbiased and objective.



PaladinMDs are here exclusively for you, fighting for successful outcomes. 


Connect right away.


A board-certified PaladinMD physician is always available to answer all of your questions and begin the process of navigating the best options for your care plan.






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Care Plans

PaladinMDs will work together with you and your physicians to develop a medical plan of care. Acting as an objective, unbiased point person, your PaladinMD will oversee all aspects of your integrated care plan. Care plans focus on treatments, pharmaceuticals, and or modalities provided directly by or under the direct supervision of a physician or other health care professional.


Care Plan Consultation


​PaladinMDs offers a wide range of consulting  services to serve your medical needs.

  • immediate answers to your most pressing medical questions and concerns.

  • Access to our network of specialists.

  • VIP service at medical  facilities

  • Priority appointments and more...

Experience the peace of mind a personal connection and expert guidance brings with your PaladinMD.


Initial Consultation

General Consultation

Lipid Consultation

Lipid Consultation & Follow-Up

View all services.

Expert Medical Witness

PaladinMDs have highly qualified physicians in a variety of specialties. By reason of their skill, knowledge, education, experience, and training they are able to testify, on your behalf, in any number of  medical areas.


Your PaladinMD will function as an expert witness  to express an independent opinion based on the information that is provided. 



Expert Witness Consultation

In addition to individual services, PaladinMDs also offers comprehensive plans by the month or the year which deliver peace of mind — and savings.  


Plans & Pricing options.


Tom Taylor.jpeg
Tom Taylor 

Retired Command Master Chief, Healthcare Administrator, US Navy, Seattle, Washington

For years I’ve worried about small, just under the skin, “blood spots” called petechia that would appear on my hands and arms for no apparent reason. I’d asked my primary care doctor about them and never really got a satisfactory answer until now. I consulted with Dr. Michael Richman online, gave him a short history and current medication list. Within minutes, he correctly ascertained the root of my problem: too much aspirin in my daily dosage. He recommended an alternative, and my primary physician agreed. Great service; great physician!”

Gradient Ocean
Jeff Leonard 
Entrepreneur, Newport Beach, CA

After dealing with a chronic illness for years, and going through a number of Doctors who couldn't diagnose my long term issue, I met Dr. Richman, He took the time and effort to understand what I was going through, made all the arrangements for my tests, got the results and helped diagnose the problem. Once he had all the information, he pointed me in the right direction. He walked me through my treatment in a way no other Doctor has ever done before. He was always available to answer my questions and very pleasant whenever I needed advice. He genuinely took an interest in my health and well being. I've never known a Doctor as compassionate and caring as Dr. Richman. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants personalized attention. 

I used PaladinMDs to get answers to my questions on COVID19, Cytokine Storm, Kawasaki Disease symptoms, and cardiology issues with medications for treatment. In each instance the questions I posed received understandable answers along with corresponding articles for reference. The answers were timely in that I received my answers within 1 -2 hours  from time of submission. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Richman. I know I can rely on receiving the most up to date current information in a timely manner......

Sheryl O’Connor Taylor, retired RN, Healthcare Administrator, Legal Nurse Consultant

Seattle, Washington

Sherry Taylor.JPG

My relationship with Dr. Michael Richman is special and I attribute my finer state of health to him. I met him eight years ago, through a colleague of mine in the Congress. During that time, my health was in disarray and I was overweight. Little did I know, the medicines that was being prescribed to me in the Philippines were disorganized and ill-thought-out. When I met Dr. Richman in Los Angeles, he tasked me to do some tests to determine what was wrong with my body during that time. After the results came, he prescribed me some new medicines and as hesitant as I am, I decided to give it a try. After a year, I took the tests again and all the results were fantastic. We have an incredibly special relationship because I know deep down, he really just wants to improve your overall health and well-being. Michael Richman is not just a great doctor, he is also a great and trusted friend.

Aurelio Gonzales Jr. , Congressman

As a physician and patient of Dr. Richman I was blown away with his understanding of lipids and management approach. I am an ED doctor, and I have dealt with the end result of patients not managing lipids my entire career. I clearly understood the risk factors and knew I had them. I tried diet, losing weight, and eating right (well most of the time). I just didn’t want to take meds and was non-compliant. I also knew better and didn’t want to expose my “do as I say and not as I do” behavior. Dr. Richman got through to me, helped augment my understanding, and used simple metaphors to make complex lipid physiology understandable. His specialized expertise in this field and practical experience is phenomenal, and I am an ED doc who evaluated physician consultants critically for 30 years, he knows lipids and he know lipid management. He is also personable and motivating. If he got through to me, he can get through to anyone. Since my consult with Dr. Richman I am 100% compliant with my meds, and I am using his metaphors with my patients liberally, with attribution.

Kevin Hutton MD2.jpg
Kevin Hutton, MD FACEP
Solana Beach, CA
Our Founders

Our Story

PaladinMDs was founded by Jennifer Martucci, Drs. Michael Richman, and Herman Williams. Michael, is a distinguished double board certified cardiothoracic and general surgeon and noted expert in cholesterol management. Michael has always been a fierce medical advocate for his patients, friends, and family in order to ensure that they were always receiving outstanding healthcare. He had recently suffered a career ending injury and while he was unable to continue as a practicing surgeon, he was determined to continue to hold other physicians accountable for their decisions and treatment plans. Herman, a fellow physician, motivational coach,  noted author, and health care executive had suffered a cardiac arrest while playing basketball prior to starting his orthopedic surgery residency. His experience as a medical executive offered Herman a unique perspective on the deepening complexities facing today's healthcare system. Jennifer, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record of success and innovation in the start-up technology space. Having been awarded 28 technology and 4 method patents, Jennifer has led her companies from consumer product acceptance in 26 countries to acquisition by a Fortune 500 company. Together they created PaladinMDs to empower, and serve patients in a healthcare ecosystem that grows more convoluted and less patient-centric everyday. PaladinMDs are champions for our clients — no agenda, no bias — a medical advocate that always has your back. Our only goal is to empower you with objective, expert guidance and access to the best health care. 

Dr. Michael Richman, MD, MMM, FACS

Founder and Chief Clinical Officer 

Diplomate, American Boards of Surgery and Thoracic Surgery

My journey in medicine began in eighth grade when I read “The Living Heart” by Drs. Michael Debakey and Antonio Gotto and I subsequently gave an oral presentation to my science class on Mitral Stenosis. It was at that time, during middle school, that it became clear to me that nothing would stop me from realizing my dream of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon...

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 Herman Williams, MD,




My journey to becoming a physician was crystalized when I became a medical explorer in high school and volunteered at a local hospital after school. I always wanted to help people but realized in my senior year of high school that I could fulfill that dream best, as a doctor. I was fortunate to get into Amherst College and had access to some of the top science professors in the nation. My parents always told me that I could do anything I put my mind to and was successful in getting...

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